One day at a time . . .

The hardest part for me, having the neurological problems I have, is not knowing from one day to the next exactly how I’m going to feel.  Yesterday, Sunday, I spent a total of six hours out of bed.  The rest of the day was spent lying down due to pain and not being able to navigate around the house.  It gets frustrating trying to walk from room to room, only to have to hold on to walls, tables, chairs, what have you to keep from falling.  Sometimes I use my desk chair to scoot around, but it scares the crap out of the dog and he goes running for cover (run over him once with the chair, and he becomes a chicken).

Saturday was a different story.  I felt pretty good, and was able to get out and visit the library, shop a bit and stay up to watch a few movies.  If you haven’t seen the movie RED with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, et al, I recommend it.  Lots of action, funny and over all a nice diversion from reality.

Today, Monday, is starting off as a continuation of yesterday.  My legs are just exploding with pain, and my arms and rib cage are not far behind.  But the pain and discomfort is strange.  It’s not a cramping or sprained/strained muscle feeling, but rather it feels like the muscles are being ripped from the bones.  Very peculiar.  It is unlike anything I have ever felt before, and it has been going on now for at least a month.

I know I have some errands to run today, and I am hoping that things will settle down a bit with my nerves so that I can get something done.  I started growing tomatoes and peppers, and they need transplanted so I am holding on to hope that I can get that done today.  On the upside, my sage and chives have come in wonderfully, having survived the massive heat wave we have all endured.  And my roses look wonderful!

On a positive note, we had some decent rain yesterday, and the temperature here has dropped significantly.  I guess the best answer or idea is to just take it one day at a time, and pray for the best.


About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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