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Do it when you can!

Yesterday was a good day.  No actually it was a GREAT day.  For most of the day I felt good, almost normal, and was able to get things done around the house that I have neglected due to feeling worn … Continue reading

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Parking, and not the fun kind

Last week I had to go downtown to conduct some business at my local city-county building.  Normally I am able to find handicapped parking fairly close, and get in and out within an hour or so.  Not so this time. … Continue reading

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On getting older

On the advise of my friend, Father Rabbi Frances O’Shaunessy Goldberg, I offer this caveat regarding today’s post.  It would probably be rated “R” by the MPAA, so if you are easily offended by “blue” humor, or discussions about the … Continue reading

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“[T]he greatest of these is love”

In his first letter to the church in Corinth the Apostle Paul wrote in chapter thirteen about love.  It is a passage that is often read during wedding ceremonies, and, to me, has become so over quoted as to have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Hope”

Hope.  A simple word that, as defined by Webster’s on-line dictionary, means:  to cherish a desire with anticipation, to desire with expectation of obtainment, to expect with confidence or as Webster notes, to trust. Unfortunately the word has been co-opted … Continue reading

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What is “Faith?”

When I started this blog, my intentions were to simply focus on the medical issues that I was facing, and how I was dealing with them and the public healthcare system. Along the way I have ended up commenting on … Continue reading

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Cat got your tongue?

Today is very weird.  I woke up, had my coffee and started to catch up on the news.  Then I started having the vision problems that I had awhile ago.  I ended up taking a nap for a couple of … Continue reading

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Family member or just a “pet”?

This past two and a half days have been brutal. I had my second MRI on Friday, and while it went better than the first one, I didn’t feel like I was burning up in the machine this time, I … Continue reading

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One flew over the cuckoo’s nest – Part 2

I had another appointment with the mental health people yesterday.  I was really dreading the thought of having to sit through another hour with these people, but Lois was fantastic!  She actually had reviewed the notes from the last time … Continue reading

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Dr. Evil strikes again!

I share my 989 square foot home with an old stray cat named Molly and old stray dog named Hobbie (pronounced HO Bee, he’s my dog so I can spell his name anyway I want).  Molly was a pregnant dumpster … Continue reading

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