Left is right? Right is racist?

I normally try to steer clear of overt political comment on this blog, but with Campaign 2012 starting to heat up, I am extremely confused about something, and hoping someone can enlighten/educate me. Perhaps it is due to my roots and up bringing in Los Angeles and Chicago that makes it so that I cannot understand some of the ethnic/racial politics that is going on in America.

Having grown up and worked side by side with both blacks and Hispanics I learned that both groups traditionally place a high value on family, church, the traditional roles of men and women in relationships and marriage, the unborn, a strong work ethic, strong neighborhoods, a strong belief in God, and for MANY a strong belief in this country (with many having served bravely in our armed forces).

Yet, they continue to follow in lock-step a political group, call them Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, what have you, that look down upon them as nothing more than a “voting block” rather than Americans who, when given the opportunity, strive and thrive in a free market economy. I credit LBJ’s war on poverty with creating a group of permanent second class citizens, a group that has been incrementally forced into economic slavery all in the name of the government knowing what is best for them.

The Left supports Sanger’s eugenic plot to wipe out the “miscreants” of society (ie anyone not white Anglo-Saxon) by promoting and marketing into primarily minority communities death mills called Planned Parenthood. Yet the people being targeted have had a strong tradition of family and a love of children.

The Left supports the economic slavery of these groups through the vast entitlement programs that have sprouted up over the past 40 plus years, causing a disincentive for people to work and produce. Yet the lock-step to slavery continues.

The Left calls for “immigration reform” and yet will not secure the border and establish “Ellis Island” type entry zones so that immigrants can come out from the shadows and take their rightful place in American society. Again, forcing a group into perpetual slavery to unscrupulous businesses that abuse the immigrant worker.

The black community once had a strong identification with church and God, but the Left, via the ACLU, is trying to eliminate any and all references to God in the public square. And it is getting to the point where even in church one cannot speak out against sin without having this or that group scream. The Left is removing from the very communities that need spiritual leadership the ability to lead.

Read the history of Sanger, Brown v. Bd. of Education, the Great Society, the War on Poverty, the Warren Court, read anything about the Progressive movement in America going back to the early 20th century and you will see that there has been a concerted effort by the Progressives to reshape this country into something it was never intended to be. Remember it was the Dems that fought tooth and nail against the Civil Rights and Voting Acts. It was the Dems that fought the abolition of slavery. Yet, today, they still are trying to enslave what has become their core constituents.

I cannot believe that only whites in America want safe neighborhoods. I have known hundreds of blacks and Hispanics that simply want their communities to be safe for their children to play in the street and not have to sleep on the floor for fear of some stray bullet coming through a wall or window. And yet the Left, through the current administration, has allowed guns to be illegally sold to criminals across the border, guns that have ultimately been used to kill Americans. The Left has tried for years to take away our right to protect ourselves through gun control, and yet sells guns to criminals. And the very groups being terrorized by these criminal gangs continue to vote for their own murders and destruction.

Is it the poverty pimps and race baiters that make it so that minority voters cannot see what is being done to them versus for them? Is it our education system that allows the Left to continue to its march towards universal slavery? I remember as a child in Chicago the neighborhood school, where kid’s parents knew who their friends were, and whose house they were at. We ripped children from their neighborhoods, bussed them across town all in the name of racial equality and diversity and the end result was the destruction of once strong and vibrant communities.

Parents know not their child’s friends, and kids, who once were willing to protect each other from bullies, now have no identification with their own neighbors. It is no wonder why the spread and growth of gangs in America has been so prolific. Kids are looking to have a place of their own, but what was once theirs has been ripped from them by sending them across town. They have no identity, no roots to the community, no community family to help steer them in their lives. And yet they continue to vote in lock-step for their own destruction and the destruction of their own communities.

Today’s leaders in the black community have become nothing more than “Macaulay’s Children” as Macaulay said in a speech in Feb. 1835, “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern . . .” The so-called “Black Leadership” of America has become nothing more than what would have been pejoratively called in the 1850′s “house negros.” They do the beck and call of the Left to ensure their place at the table, and to enrich themselves at the expense of their brethren.

Minorities have been sold a bill of goods for nearly three generations. But now there are movements afoot within many communities that realize how they have been sold not a house of brick and mortar, but rather a house of sticks and twigs. But to borrow from Lucas, there is “A New Hope” within the black community, one that is not beholden to Left, but rather is standing on principle. Men like JC Watts, Herman Cain, and Allen West who hopefully will be able to lead blacks in America to what King called the “Promised Land.” A land of economic and individual freedom. A land where communities are safe. Where children are educated in not only math and science, but also in civics, world history and the history of this country – good, bad and ugly. A land where family, church and God are respected and not denigrated.

If you want to understand what freedom is, especially economic freedom, read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations or the writings of Von Mises or Hayek (not Selma). Read the history of this country and others that have, through the years, attempted “social engineering” all in the name of “fairness.”

The Left has done more to destroy the black community than all the racists throughout American history. The Left has taken away God; ripped children from their communities; made youth dependent on government largess; murdered millions through their agenda of eugenics disguised as not wanting to “punish with a baby” a woman who gets pregnant; forced immigrants into the shadows by refusing to bring about true reform and legitimate pathways to citizenship; destroyed the greatest educational system in the world; is working on destroying the greatest medical system in the world and yet we libertarians and conservatives are called the racists.

Is it racist to want EVERYONE to succeed and prosper? Is it racist to want communities to be strong and safe so that children and old women can play and shop when they want? Is it racist to want God and the church to take an active role in the community? Is it racist to want schools that are connected to the neighborhood so that children feel apart of something bigger than themselves? Is it racist to want to stop the murder of the unborn so that the community can grow and thrive?

Can someone, anyone please answer me my questions? Or am I just a racist?


About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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One Response to Left is right? Right is racist?

  1. Mike Fraley says:

    Joe this makes you no more racist than many of us. The best part is I asked my brother many of these same questions during the 2008 Presidential elections and was told by him and my father I was as racist as the rest of the voters who asked these questions. Politics has gotten out of hand with the ways they will go about securing votes even to the point of dividing families.

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