Monday night fever!

Having a chronic illness is something that, while aggravating, you sort of get used to.  It is a totally different matter when you get some acute illness.  These past 36 hours have been hell due to a cold or flu bug.

I could tell Monday afternoon that I was starting to get sick, I just didn’t realize how sick I was going to get.  By midnight I was running a low-grade fever, 99.3, so I decided that bed would be the best option.  At 2AM I woke up shaking so bad that I could barely get out of bed.  I took my temp again, and this time it was 102.1.  Normally my body temperature is 97.6, so 102.1 is really high for me.  I found my way to the bathroom and took some cold medicine and stumbled back to bed.

A couple of hours went by and I woke up feeling like I was freezing, I took my temp again and it was 102.3.  I loaded the bed with a couple of more blankets and a comforter, donned a pair of socks and went back to sleep.  It wasn’t until the phone rang around 3PM that I woke again.  My temp was 102.1, and I was fluctuating between freezing and burning up.  By 6PM I actually woke and felt somewhat better.  I took my temp and it was down to 99.5, so I knew I was heading the right way.

Some soup and toast and several bottles of Powerade later I actually felt somewhat human again.  I was still running a low-grade fever, fluctuating between 99 and 100.1, but at least I was not cooking from the inside out.

This morning my temp is back down to 98.1, so I’m thinking the worst of whatever I had is over.  My body aches, I have a headache, and I feel dehydrated but other than that I’m doing better.

It’s strange how when you have a chronic condition you get used to a certain level of pain, and discomfort.  But when you throw in a bad bug and a high fever you realize just how much worse it could be.  I’ll take the nerve pain and tremors any day over this past 36 hours.  Maybe this was God’s way of making me realize that I could be in worse shape and to stop whining some much.  If it was, it was a pretty nasty way of getting my attention.  But then again as stubborn as I am, it may have been the only option.

I’m feeling better this morning, and hopefully I can get done some of the things that I was supposed to do yesterday.  I’m just thankful that this fever is down, and I’m feeling about as close to normal as I can.  The one “neat” thing about having a 102.3 fever is that, for me at least, I have some wild dreams.  I don’t know if they are the result of my brain cooking and releasing all the deep inner thoughts of my mind, or I was just getting delusional, but there was some wild stuff coming out of my subconscious.


About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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