A big part of what I am trying to do with this blog is to make people realize that public healthcare or as they call it in Europe and Canada, “Socialized Healthcare” is nothing but a danger to the American healthcare system.

We have always had the BEST healthcare system in the world.  Even with the disparities that may exist in the system, people will get medical treatment.  If you have a job that offers (for now) health insurance, you will get treatment in a quick, efficient and timely manner.  If you are stuck having to rely on the public healthcare system, such as I am, you will wait weeks or months for tests, test results and be treated like cattle at some of the clinics you have to use.

I found this YouTube clip yesterday and totally cracked up!  It’s titled DRUGS ARE AWESOME!! Socialized Healthcare Sucks.  The “star” of the video is Steven Crowder, and his take on many of the issues facing America and the world are funny and insightful.  Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Remember, this country, our country, America, has always led the way in innovation, invention and making life better for not only us in America, but also the world.



About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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