My predictions for 2012

It is now officially January 1, 2012! The old year has been relegated to the dustbin of history, and I and the world await to see what this next 366 days (yes, 2012 is a leap year) will bring. With the new year comes all kinds of prognostications, predictions, projections and forecasts, and since I consider myself a fledgling writer, one who has high hopes of someday making a living with the written word, I would be remiss if I failed to offer my own predictions for this new year. So here they are.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will continue to sound like a loony, waiting for the twelfth Imam, al-Mahdi, and threatening the very existence of Israel. Just before Iran is able to go nuclear, Israel will act unilaterally, and bomb the living crap out of the Iranian nuclear facilities. This act will come after the majority of the world powers give a wink and a nod to the Israelis to do what the “super-powers” do not have the backbone to do. Of course this will bring about world condemnation of Israel for being “war-like.” The brouhaha will settle down after Israel starts pumping out the millions of feet of natural gas that they have off their shores, and helps to stabilize the global fuel markets.

Iraq will descend into utter chaos and civil war. With the total withdrawal of American troops from the country there will be no one to stop the carnage, and Iraq will revert to its old dictatorial ways. I predict the Islamists will again gain control of another Mid-East country further endangering the US here and abroad.

North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong-un will continue to rattle sabers at his southern neighbor, but will turn out to be a failure, and will be deposed by the military. This will set up an interesting possibility for the North, and a moderate will rise from the ashes to bring about stability within that nation. It will also allow for North Korea to again be a part of the “global family” but they will continue under the sphere of influence of the Chinese.

Pakistan will have a massive civil war, one that will see the ouster of the civilian government by the military, and bring about a greater nuclear threat to the region. This will also cause the US to lose its staging areas in central Asia, and make prosecution of the war in Afghanistan virtually impossible.

The US will end up retreating from Afghanistan ahead of schedule due to the US allowing former Taliban leaders to return to the country. This will destabilize whatever form of government that had been established, and again throw that country back into the hands of the Islamist Taliban.

The European Union will totally collapse, and the continent will be back to its old ways. The idea of open borders in Europe will be gone, and each country will revert to its own monetary system, thus collapsing the Euro. This will cause a global recession as Europe tries to re-set. Anti-Semitism will rise ten-fold, as radical right-wingers try to lay the blame on someone for the failure of the EU.

China will continue to surge as a global economic force, and the US and China will end up in some sort of trade war.

The U.S.:
The year 2012 will be a benchmark for this country, and the November elections will in fact decide what the future holds.

President Obama will run for re-election, and not face a primary challenge, but he will dump Joe Biden as the VP. Most likely he will bring Hillary Clinton on board as the Vice-Presidential candidate in an effort to win back the Hillary supporters he lost in ’08. The Dems will run one of the most divisive campaigns the country has ever seen, and the GOP will be blamed for everything: global warming, higher taxes, solar flares, head lice, etc.

The Republicans will continue to eat away at each other, but ultimately I think that Mitt Romney will get the GOP nomination. I’m not a Romney supporter, but I think that he is the only one that hasn’t pissed off too many of the special interest groups within the GOP. If he is nominated look for him to tap Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels as his running mate. Daniels has a track record of fiscal conservativeism, and was the director of the OBM under Bush 43. Daniels will end up being point man for reining in government spending, and increasing revenues without killing the middle-class or the poor.

I do think that President Obama will be defeated in November, and this will be due to the economy still being in the tank and all of the unrest that will be occurring globally. The American voters will have had enough of $4 million dollar vacations and the cold aloofness that he gives off. His defeat will be attributed to a “racist” America, and there will be conflicts between small groups of radical black Obama supporters and whites. The problems will die down after the first of next year.

The Republican will keep control of the House, but the Senate will end up at a virtual tie, perhaps 51-49 with the Dems keeping control. Harry Reid will end up being tossed by his party as the Senate leader, with one of the “Blue Dog” Dems being given control. Nancy (Botox) Pelosi will be re-elected, but when the House stays in the GOP’s hands she will retire to some expensive vacation spot and make a fortune publishing her memories.

Unemployment will continue to peak and valley through out 2012, and the stock market will have a major crash in response to the collapse of the EU. The economy will spin out of control for months, with President Obama continuing to say that we are just about ready to turn the corner.

As more information comes out on Operation Fast and Furious, Darrell Issa (R-CA) will stop calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign, but will demand that President Obama fire him. Obama will throw Holder under the bus, but it will be couched in the famous words, “he wishes to spend more time with his family.”

The US-Mexican border will end up being an open war between the Mexican drug cartels and US citizens, as the cartels get bolder from a lack of response to their incursions onto US soil. Civilians along the border will get fed up and start shooting back, causing the Federal government to send troops to the border to maintain “peace.”

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) bunch will continue their protests, but more Americans will get fed up with their antics the closer we get to the conventions. Protests will turn violent, and it will be reminiscent of the ’68 Chicago convention when police and National Guard forces were needed to regain control of the city.

Unfortunately, I do think there will be a major terror attack on US soil this year, not on the scope of 9/11 but enough to make Americans again afraid. This time it will be “home grown” terrorists, and the Department of Homeland Security will have absolutely no idea it is coming. The terrorist will be disenfranchised ex-cons who have been recruited while they were serving time in prison.

Indianapolis Colts QB, Payton Manning, will stay on the roster until the end of March, and then announce his retirement from football. He will do this so that he gets his bonus (somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million). He will then be recruited to be a NFL commentator, but ultimately will return to the gridiron as a coach. Manning is the quintessential student of the game, and will make a fantastic coach.

Tim Tebow will continue to piss off the left and anti-theist crowd with his “Tebowing” but will come into his own as a great quarterback.

The Cubs will win the World Series (I’m a Cubbies fan so I have to throw that in, even if it is hard to believe).

George Soros will buy a controlling interest in the “Old Grey Lady” the New York Times. The Times has seen its readership and leadership in reporting decline over the past decade, and is in need of a major cash influx. Soros, whether directly or through surrogates, will take control of the paper and it will shift even farther left.

“New media” ie the internet and blogs will become more and more of the driving force in reporting, but will still be minimized by the MSM and the courts as not being real journalism.

More and more local newspapers will fold, leaving the reporting to the conglomerates of the media world.

Odds and Ends:
It will be discovered that retiring Congressman Barney Frank was not only deeply involved in the housing collapse, but also that he is in fact an alien life form from the planet Zoltan.

Paris Hilton will announce that she is pregnant, and that the father will be named later.

Lady Gaga will continue to be thrust upon the American landscape, but will ultimately succumb to some weird disease brought on by her wearing of a shellfish outfit.

Chaz Bono will realize that he made a mistake in having a sex change operation, because he now has to pay for everything when out on a date, and will consider going back to being a woman.

Research scientists will discover a cure for stupidity, only to have the Federal government seize their research so as to enable the same morons in Washington to continue to be elected.

The Mayans were wrong.


About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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2 Responses to My predictions for 2012

  1. Jack says:

    Did you enjoy your trip to Delphi? I‘ve Enjoyed reading your post and happens to agreed with many of your predictions for 2012. Miles to go before I sleep. Best regards and happy New Year!

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