Dermatologist – they’re not just for pimples

It’s been a few since I have had time to sit down and write, but this week has been more than a little rough.  Between all the normal crap that I put up with daily, there has been some personal issues and financial problems.  It is amazing to me that the federal government can hire thousands of new employees, and yet the time it takes to get a hearing on disability has increased dramatically.

With the medical problems I have I have not been able to find a job.  Like I have written before, what company wants to hire someone who may be a liability to them due to a CNS disorder.  Especially during an economic downturn, where there are thousands of  unemployed people out there that are healthy.  I applied for disability nearly a year and half ago, and I am still waiting for a determination hearing on whether I am going to be deemed messed up enough to qualify.  I hope this happens soon because property taxes are overdue. and I don’t think the county is going to care much whether I am sick or not, they want their money.

But enough of that.  Yesterday, Tuesday, I got to spend my morning with the dermatology department at my local public hospital.  Truthfully I never really thought of dermatologists as being nothing more than pimple doctors, but after yesterday my opinion has changed.  I have had this lump?, growth?, wart?, thingy on my ankle for over a year, and a couple of places on the back of my head that keep wanting to split open and bleed, so I finally got into the dermatology folks to have these annoyances checked.

The staff was really great, and I got in to see one of the docs within five minutes of arriving.  The first doc I saw was a fourth year med student who was doing her rotation through the department.  She was a very sweet young lady who showed a lot of compassion and was very thorough with her questions.  As we chatted she told me that her goal was to pursue a career in psychiatry, and I told her that if that was going to be her calling, she really should learn as much as she could about PTSD.  With all the service personnel returning from war zones there  is going to be a need for docs that understand the mental health issues of seeing some very traumatic things.

The next doc was a resident who was very pregnant, and very sweet.  She was from Louisiana, and had that classic southern accent.  She looked over all the places that I had concerns about and then scurried out to talk to the attending doc.  He came in to verify what she had determined and agreed with her diagnosis and plan for treatment.  The attending, Dr. Mark, is a tall and very confident individual.  When he walked in and looked at my little spots he had a half-smile on his face and asked me about the spot on my ankle.  When I told him that I was originally advised it was a wart, and that I had been using Compound W, salicylic acid, freezing and even trying to cut it off myself he looked at me and half laughed.  He said that they would cut it off, and freeze the spots on the back of my head so they would fall off on their own.

They had me get dressed and led me off to another room to hack away at my ankle.  The little Louisianan did the procedure with Dr. Mark supervising.  It was quick, and other than having my ankle shot full of Novocaine (I really hate needles) the only real problem was when she cauterized the area she cut out.  I don’t like the smell of burning flesh, it’s something that I have had to smell in the past, and it brings up bad memories.  But, I would rather have the cauterization and be done, rather than have a bleeding hole in my ankle.

They froze the spots on the head, and bandaged my ankle up.  After five minutes of lecture on wound care I was done.  It took longer to find a parking spot than the entire visit.

So I am taking care of a hole in my ankle and trying not to scratch the spots on my head, but my opinion of dermatologist has changed.  They were quick, efficient, thorough and very sweet.  Plus, Dr. Mark had a really cool tie that his wife picked out for him.  I wish the neurology department was as efficient as the dermatology department.  Maybe then I could actually get an answer on my other issues.

Thanks to Dr. Mark and his staff.  You made my morning go as about as well as it could given that I had to get cut on.



About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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3 Responses to Dermatologist – they’re not just for pimples

  1. Jack says:

    Now a days it is really a nice surprise to be able to see a Doctor after just waiting a decent period of time. A few weeks back I took the old missus to a hospital in the French part of town and after waiting for more than 4 hours in this beside the hospital facility as they were claiming that their services were faster because you were required to pay for most of the services a thing that proved to be false. To make the story short we had to leave without been able to see a physician as the place was really crowded and the estimated time of waiting at that point was well above 6 to 7 more hours after the 4 hours we already had spent at that place. As the missus wasn’t really feeling any better, the next day we went to JGH on the other side of town, and luckily after three hours she was seen and treated. I have been away from the US for more than 20 some years now but according to my daughter, things there are not much different than what we have here. Something is wrong with the medical system, no doubts about that.
    Wishing you well and Best Regards,

  2. You should be a part of a contest for one of the finest blogs on the internet. I most certainly will recommend this site!

  3. Dermatologists sure are quite versatile with skin disorders. 🙂

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