A puff pastry and heart burn

Yesterday a friend invited me out for dinner.  Never being one to pass on a free meal, I accepted and we went to a restaurant in Fishers, IN called The Journey.  I personally enjoy buffets, and that is what this establishment is.

They have a wide selection of sushi & sashimi – not a big fan of those particular items.  They also have many of the classic “Chinese” foods one might find at various Chinese restaurants and buffets.  They also have a wide variety of seafood items and prime rib and steak.

The decor was comfortable, although the particular booth that we sat in needed to have the springs redone on the seats.  The food area had a unique design, with the serving table containing an assortment of raw oysters, shrimp, salads, and fruits, resembling a boat.  The service was attentive, with the waiter removing plates quickly when emptied, and refilling glasses as soon as they were drained.

As I said I am not a fan of sushi and the like, but I did enjoy the other items.  I had a dozen or so crab legs; half-dozen crab Rangoon (which could have had more crab and less Rangoon); half-dozen crab cakes (almost as good as the ones I have had in Baltimore); some sweet and sour chicken; a slice of prime rib and piece of New York strip steak; some lo mein; shrimp scampi which could have used more garlic; some wonderful cocoanut  shrimp and a few Cajun shrimp; a couple of pieces of watermelon and kiwi; a so-so piece of strawberry cheese cake, and finished off with a puff pastry with a butter-cream filling.

I was doing fine until I had that puff pastry.  I ended up with indigestion, and I think it was due to one lousy piece of pastry.  By the time I returned home I was ready for a nap.  The indigestion passed after an hour or so, and I did snooze for the rest of the night.

The place is a bit pricey, $20 a person not including drinks, but over all I enjoyed the selection, quality and quantity of food.  I’ll probably go again if invited, but I know now to avoid the puff pastries so I don’t get indigestion again.


About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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