A one year anniversary

A year ago today I started this little blog.  My intention was to have a place where I could discuss the many issues that I have met along my journey in the public healthcare system.  I have posted stories on my experiences with the healthcare system; anecdotes from my personal life; tirades about the ignorance and stupidity of some of the people I have run into over the past year; stories of gratitude to those that have helped me personally and financially as I deal with my medical problems and some general thoughts on life.

This will make my 104th post on this blog.  Writing here has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience, albeit at times frustrating.  The frustration has come not from the responses that I have received from my readers, but rather from my own personal short comings and physical problems.  Many days I wish to write, but my body will go into full revolt, and keep me from the keyboard.  Between days of shaking, or just plain pain, I find myself unable to sit in front of the computer and collect my thoughts.  I do not strive to have an entry daily, nor even weekly, but rather to write when I have something worth writing about.

I am a very political person, and read nearly everything I can get my hands on that has to do with the current political scene or the history of politics.  When I started this blog I decided that I would steer clear of the modern politics, unless it related to healthcare, and I still hold to that philosophy.  There is much that can be said and written about the current election cycle, but I will leave that to the pundits that are better suited to that forum.

Through my sojourn this past year I have received encouragement from varied people.  Keith Koffler of White House Dossier has been very encouraging, and has even recommended this little site on his blog, and to him I say “Thank you!”  There have been many family and friends that have dropped me notes and emails saying that they enjoy the stories, and have offered much encouragement to continue writing, and to them I also say “Thank you!”

Van Gogh

Photo from Wikipedia

Writing is an art, with the writer’s pallet being the blank page and his bushes being a keyboard or pen.  I am sure that Rembrandt or Van Gogh’s first attempts at painting were not as vibrant as their later works, and so it is with writing.  I read through some of my early entries, and see a stiffness and stillness of life in those missives.  Hopefully I have improved over the past year, and am now able to bring life to these pages.

Through this past year I have had 4,469 views of my writing, with readers coming from the US and as far away as Japan and Australia.  That is the wonder of the Web, where someone sitting in the middle of America can reach out to others far across the seas.  The interconnectedness of the world is amazing, where once information and opinion would take days or weeks to reach others, it is now just a few strokes of the keyboard away.  While the ability to reach thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, in seconds is a marvelous and wonderful thing, it is also frightening.  The amount of misinformation and deceit that fills the Web is terrifying.  That is why I choose to write only from my personal experiences and of those things that I have firsthand knowledge.  It would be easy to pontificate about the current rumor or gossip that circles the globe, but that would diminish the goal of this blog – to share that which I know intimately.

Over the next few months I am planning on making some changes to throughthenet, not its content, but rather its format.  I hope that the reader will enjoy the changes, and will continue to stop by for some humor, some bitching, and hopefully some information.

To all of you that have taken the time to stop by and read, I say thank you.   If I have brought a laugh to you with some of my entries I am grateful.  If I have made you think and question how things are going within the American healthcare system then I have succeeded in my quest.  I look forward to continuing writing, and hopefully, someday, I will be accomplished enough to elk out a bit of a living with my endeavors.  I truly appreciate the encouragement, feedback, and chastisement that have come my way.

Again, to all of you that have stopped by, thank you, and I look forward to where the road takes me this next year.



About Joseph Ordower

I'm a middle aged, some would say curmudgeon, who is sick, tired and truly frustrated with the way things are going in a country (America) that he loves, honors and respects.
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