About this site

I am starting this blog, not so much for the reader, as for myself.  I am coming to grips with medical issues (some worse than others), and I have realized that I have been internalizing my frustrations and anger with how our current healthcare system is working (or should I say not working).

I am NOT a proponent of universal/single payer/Obamacare or whatever the politicians are calling it these days.  It is not my intention to politicize or editorialize on the changes that maybe coming to the USA with regard to healthcare, but rather to document what I have experienced.

This is my blog, and if you happen on to it, and find that you enjoy what you are reading, then fantastic.  If you happen on to it and it pisses you off, too bad.  Feel free to comment on whatever I write, I have fairly thick skin.  However, if you are an ass, and all you want to do is start a fight over this or that, I will have no problem dumping your post.  Thoughtful, insightful and INTELLIGENT comments will always be welcomed.  So will humor and snark.

Hope you enjoy, and if not, TFB!


6 Responses to About this site

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    I approve of your approach. I am a 53 year old Irishman who becomes more of a curmodgen with each passing day. I don’t know about the intelligence of my comments. However, that is for you to decide upon. Best of luck,

  2. star123 says:

    I guess I am 86-ed off WHD, so will start checking in here. Keith said I did not defend him enough. Sic transit.

  3. chazdesimone says:

    I just saw your post on The Hobbler’s blog.

    I am humbled and inspired by all the friends I’ve known with disabilities, because they seem to have an acceptance, a happiness, and a zest for life that’s lacking in those of us with all our limbs, eyes and ears in perfect working order. In my art series featuring the ampersand I created a piece honoring people like you. There’s a story that goes along with the artwork too. It’s at http://amperart.com/index.php/2012/02/21/challenge-spirit-15/. You can subscribe for free to the entire series if you wish.

    Molly is a beautiful cat. I’m sure, as arrogant as she seems through your writing, you are blessed to have each other.

    Keep laughing, smiling, and receiving blessings from God (and Molly).

  4. T.S. Shannon says:

    I just ran across you your blog and found it hit close to where I am in my life. I am 57 years old, high mileage, and feel like a man who fell out of a well and an airplane ran over him. Actually I am a truck driver who’s truck rolled over me 18 months ago and left me here, a survivor. I don’t give a damn about anybody’s politics but my own, believe irony is proof God does have a sence of humor. As long as he’s laughing with me as much as he’s laughing at me, alls right with my world. I love a good play on words, a dose of snark, and if I write or say something that I have to stop and explain, I would prefer to just walk away. We are alike in that we are both disgruntled with the health care system. But, in my case, I just try to keep moving forward and try not to dwell on the past mistakes. Like Josey Wells said,” “Dying’s easy for men like you and me; it’s living that’s hard.
    My blessing for to day was stumbling across your blog, thank you for your words. T.S.
    AKA. Wtxpolarbear

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