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The racist politics of gun and medication control

A thirty-something,  single mother of two lives in a squat, three bedroom , subsidized townhouse apartment in an “economically depressed” area of any major city.  She and her eight and five-year old keep to themselves, out-of-the-way of the gangbangers, drug … Continue reading

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April 19th, a day of history

This year, April 19th marks several anniversaries of terrible things that have happened in history.  Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) to remind the world that when dictators and tyrants are not stopped, the results can have an immeasurable … Continue reading

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My predictions for 2012

It is now officially January 1, 2012! The old year has been relegated to the dustbin of history, and I and the world await to see what this next 366 days (yes, 2012 is a leap year) will bring. With … Continue reading

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

Seventy years ago today, at 7:55AM Hawaii time, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the U.S. Navy base in Hawaii.  The lost to the U.S. was horrific.  Eight battleships were damaged, four being sunk.  The attack sank or damaged three cruisers … Continue reading

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A big part of what I am trying to do with this blog is to make people realize that public healthcare or as they call it in Europe and Canada, “Socialized Healthcare” is nothing but a danger to the American … Continue reading

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Some reasons I am thankful on Thanksgiving

I know that some people will say that this is a day late and a dollar short since yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.  However, I needed the time to really think about what I was thankful for this past year. Over … Continue reading

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“Once Giants Walked the Earth”

I periodically comment on a blog called White House Dossier.  The author of the blog, Keith Koffler, is a veteran reporter who has cover the White House for a number of years.  The other day I wrote a comment to … Continue reading

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Left is right? Right is racist?

I normally try to steer clear of overt political comment on this blog, but with Campaign 2012 starting to heat up, I am extremely confused about something, and hoping someone can enlighten/educate me. Perhaps it is due to my roots … Continue reading

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