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Doubts and fears

Right now, as I sit in front of this keyboard, there are at least a half dozen things that I should be doing. However, I cannot go on through this day without taking the time to write what is on … Continue reading

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The racist politics of gun and medication control

A thirty-something,  single mother of two lives in a squat, three bedroom , subsidized townhouse apartment in an “economically depressed” area of any major city.  She and her eight and five-year old keep to themselves, out-of-the-way of the gangbangers, drug … Continue reading

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The great oatmeal war

One of the “joys” of having the neurological problems that I deal with is that every day is an adventure. Half my days are what I would consider normal, being able to function to an extent around the house, and … Continue reading

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One helluva ass kicking!

I know it’s been two months since I have posted here.  The main reason has been two-fold, one I have struggled with some medical issues that have left me feeling weak and at times in a mental fog.  The second … Continue reading

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Black eyed and I don’t mean Peas

Rough week again.  Changes in the medications have left me either feeling exhausted or like my body is made of rubber. Yesterday I had a really strange occurrence.  I woke around my usual time, made my coffee and sat down … Continue reading

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Shake, rattle and roll

Sorry that it has been a couple of days, really have not felt up to writing.  The shaking is really becoming annoying, to the point were I have spent the better part of the past two days horizontal.  Seems when … Continue reading

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“Dying’s easy for men like you and me; it’s living that’s hard”

This has been a rough few days.  Between constant headaches and shaking I have spent the majority of my days horizontal.  I was to pick up a new prescription and a refill on Tuesday, but I was shaking so bad … Continue reading

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“Whatever you did for one of the least of these”

I do not begrudge anyone success.  I firmly believe that if you have the talent, ambition, drive, and chutzpah you can succeed in virtually anything you try.  Look at today’s music industry.  I am not a fan of most Rap … Continue reading

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“What’s in a name?”

Now that everything is caught up as far as the doctors, hospitals et al, I guess it’s time to explain where the name of this blog originated. Originally I had wanted to call it, Living and Dying in 3/4 Time, … Continue reading

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Little bits of sunshine!

There are somethings in life that make the world beautiful, and for me roses are one of those things.  I have, over the years tried to grow roses at my home, only to have them crushed by the power company’s … Continue reading

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