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Suicide is NOT painless

Back in the ‘70’s the TV show M*A*S*H was hugely popular. Who could resist the mad capped adventures of a group of American Army surgeons fighting death, deprivation, depravity, and alcoholism in the frozen depths of the Korean War? The … Continue reading

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Writing, not for others but for myself

It’s been a while since I sat down to keyboard and wrote anything, anywhere.  It’s not been due to laziness, but rather a frustration with my brain and fingers.  Seems that the words I see and hear in my brain … Continue reading

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New doctors, new answers, new path

I have been fortunate enough to have most of my care transferred to the “Pain Clinic” at Wishard Hospital.  The director of the clinic, Dr. Palmer Mackie (pronounced Ma-ki) received his M.D. from the University of Health Science, Chicago Medical … Continue reading

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Men and dogs: A comparison

There are times when I feel like the “gay male friend” of some women.  Not that I have ANY fashion sense, or the desire to spoon with some other fellow, it’s just that I often am asked by my female … Continue reading

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The great oatmeal war

One of the “joys” of having the neurological problems that I deal with is that every day is an adventure. Half my days are what I would consider normal, being able to function to an extent around the house, and … Continue reading

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A new year and a new start

Over the years I have had many times where I have been under the weather, or so overwhelmed by things as to not be able to function at anywhere near a normal level.  These past six months have been like … Continue reading

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Blackout, movie, and pizza

I guess the effects of Friday’s little adventure are more than I had thought.  While the initial C-Scan showed no fractures to my face, I am experiencing some major ill effects of the beating.  I am seeing black spots in … Continue reading

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One helluva ass kicking!

I know it’s been two months since I have posted here.  The main reason has been two-fold, one I have struggled with some medical issues that have left me feeling weak and at times in a mental fog.  The second … Continue reading

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The coffee dog

Gus, my wonderful Australian Shepherd pup, is still learning the rules of my house.  One of these rules is to stay out of the garbage.  It is a concept that he has not fully grasped, and his trash diving has … Continue reading

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A one year anniversary

A year ago today I started this little blog.  My intention was to have a place where I could discuss the many issues that I have met along my journey in the public healthcare system.  I have posted stories on … Continue reading

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